Web-based GIS - caring for the citizen's wellbeing

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used as strategic planning tools. Their popularity with the public sector and business stems from the ability to effectively combine, analyse and visualise many different kinds of information content. The latest GIS software applications operate over the Internet and enable multimedia utilisation.

Project IWWM promotes the benefits of web-based GIS technology for healthcare. The Interactive Wellbeing WebMap information service, now under development, will act both as a decision support system and an information tool. The application analyses public sector health-related information - such as population, medical, employment or social welfare data - and distributes it over the Internet. Privacy protection and data security issues are taken into consideration.

The system exploits Co-ordinate Based Mapping and web-based GIS technology. Its features include map presentations, making information more comprehensible to lay people and providing guidance for service companies on ways to improve marketing strategies. The public sector is also offered new methods to evaluate authorities' administrative capabilities. It can be tailored to users' requirements. The system could open new markets for GI-related business.

An interactive demonstration on the IWWM stand highlights basic principles of the Co-ordinate Based Mapping method. These principles cover user groups, enquiries, visualisation techniques and summary presentation examples. Also on show is on-line access to information - and its use in strategic decision-making.

Contact Jukka NIKULAINEN, City of Turku Surveying and Land Dept.
tel +358 2 262 4602
fax +358 2 262 4599
email jukka.nikulainen@turku.fi
website www.iwwm.org

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