Interactive Environmental Impact Assessment

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a formal study process used to predict the environmental consequences of a proposed projector activity. The EIA applies existing European Union (EU) and national legislation and methods.

The AIR-EIA project is providing scientific and technical support to all parties involved in, or affected by, EIA with regard to Air Quality (AQ) issues. The project is collecting details of all EU legislation and the data that is available on-line. It is focusing on major needs for EIA-AQ modelling in Austria, Germany and Greece and using case studies for presentation, comparison and harmonisation purposes.

A multimedia framework combining CD-ROM and web-based applications is used for the development of EIA studies related to air quality (AQ). This aims to cover the needs of experts for an integrated, advanced and ready to use tool for studies, as well as the public desire for information supply on relevant issues. The project addresses the needs of non-experts. With a CD-ROM people will be able to stay informed on the issues of AQ, its related problems for environmental impact assessment, legislative framework, right for access to information, etc.

Visitors to the AIR-EIA stand may try out the web-based model techniques for EIA studies. These models which are made available for on-line, interactive use are important components of the toolkit for any study and formal impact assessment of air quality issues.

Contact Kostas KARATZAS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
tel +30 31 99 61 39
fax +30 31 996 012
email kostas@aix.meng.auth.gr
website aix.meng.auth.gr

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