The Virtual Apartment Service

The Internet based VIRAPS service brings user orientation into the housing industry by connecting databases of different companies involved in the building process. Benefits are mutual: using VIRAPS companies can adapt to the market faster, more accurately and at a reasonable cost; consumers can fulfil their needs and wishes in a cost efficient way.

The system is built on the AutoDesk MapGuide server, Oracle and Inews by Noitatieto and is divided into customer and business sections. Within the business section data flows from company databanks to the VIRAPS database, which filters information necessary for customer's choice and design to the customer section. There customers can search for areas and buildings and design their apartments with the aid of an extensive Design!Help. An integrated cost calculator informs them about the cost effects of the choices. The completed plan is then sent back to the companies and the apartment is built according to the specifications given.

Contact Hanna KARKKU, University of Art and Design Helsinki
tel +358 9 75 63 03 28
fax +358 9 75 63 05 69
email hanna.karkku@uiah.fi
website www.viraps.uiah.fi

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