Speech and communication

The Finnish Talking Head is a virtual, computer animated 3D model of the human head that speaks Finnish and can display facial expressions. The facial model is combined with a commercial Finnish auditory text-to-speech synthesiser.

Software tools have been developed to control various features of the head. There are about 100 controllers including 67 dynamic parameters and twelve of the dynamic parameters are used to change the jaw rotation and lip formation. The tools can be used for modifying facial expressions and their intensities. In addition, it is possible to change the whole facial appearance. The user can fine tune visual speech, create speech sequences, and expressions during the speech.

The aim is to use the head for research on neurocognitive mechanisms of human speech and socio-emotional communication. The head has been integrated to a lip-reading tutoring programme.

Contact Mikko SAMS, Helsinki University of Technology
tel +358 9 451 4848
fax +358 9 451 4830
email Mikko.Sams@hut.fi
website www.lce.hut.fi/reserach/face

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