Computers for diving and outdoor sports

In the diving industry Suunto is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dive computers and instruments, such as compasses, pressure and depth gauges. Suunto dive computers, complete with many unique features, serve all levels of recreational divers. The success of the products is mainly based on innovation, high quality, and increasing investments in R&D.

The same technological innovation that helped Suunto conceive Spyder, the Advanced Computer Watch, (AWC®) for discerning divers, was applied in developing Suunto Wristop Computer product family. Wristop Computers offer the outdoor enthusiast a host of sophisticated information about altitude, barometric pressure, bearing as well as time whether you are skiing, hiking, or climbing the highest summits.

The international Suunto Corporation is a diversified technology driven company, which operates in the business of diving and water sports, outdoor products, and in telecommunications technology, professional electronics and audio-video products.

Contact Maarit KETTERER, Suunto Oyj
tel + 358 9 8524 0517
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email maarit.ketterer@suunto.fi
Contact Piritta Äikäs, Suunto Oyj
tel +358 9 8524 0526
fax + 358 9 8524 0592
email piritta.aikas@suunto.fi
website http://www.suunto.fi

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