Trust and security

Take a look at your mobile phone. Imagine being able to do more with it than just make calls or send short messages. Imagine being able to manage your financial affairs, buy and sell shares, make, check and confirm reservations, sign contracts. It is all possible. In fact it is already happening!

Companies are able to offer services today that were not dreamed of a few years ago. Users will be able to enjoy an unprecedented level of convenience and freedom, while entirely new businesses, markets and ventures will be created for software companies, system integrators, network operators and technology manufacturers. Yet in this great vision lies a simple truth: that customers only use services they trust! In mobile and digital transactions, that trust is built on proved security.

SmartTrust solutions enable secure mobile and electronic commerce. They involve such known and familiar concepts as public key infrastructure, smart cards and digital signatures embedded on the SIM card of mobile phones. They can be used with existing and future mobile networks and with existing electronic commerce solutions. They are designed to meet with the stringent requirements currently set by legislation, such as the German Digital Signature Act.

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