Polar Heart Rate Monitors

We need inspiration to start exercising and motivation to keep it going. Everyone knows the benefits of exercise in terms of cardiovascular fitness, weight management and wellbeing. Yet, recent European figures suggest that ten per cent of people who exercise, drop out with lack of motivation being a major cause.

Polar heart rate monitors are designed to help everyone, from casual exercisers to athletes, to add interest to their exercise. Advanced Polar technology motivates people to exercise with new, innovative features: OwnIndex to measure your physical condition, Polar OwnZone to give personalised exercise guidance and OwnCal for weight management. Polar technology helps people to choose the optimal exercise amount, intensity and duration for health benefits as well as for fitness improvements. Polar Electro is a world leader in the research and development of wireless heart rate monitors.

Contact Minna RUOKANGAS, Polar Electro
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