Social and health care development

The primary goal of the Macro Pilot is to develop a seamless environment, which crosses traditional organisational lines in social and health care. It means that the client will receive attention with the minimum delay, by making the relevant information more available. One of the purposes is to assist citizens so they can manage better in their home. A goal is to send and to get test results from home, have videoconferences and receive information over the networks.

Another objective is to ensure that information and services, that are presently directed to serve experts, are also available to the clients in the social and health care sector. With expert help anyone can easily and quickly find the information that they need.

The Satakunta Macro Pilot is, probably, the largest project in Europe for the development of new services for health and social service. The project is being undertaken in two cities and five municipalities. The Macro Pilot is supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Tekes, Social Insurance Institution, etc.

The adoption of new technology does not mean a step towards a more monitored society. All the services that affect individuals will require the personal permission of the client. Every client will have a personal electronic identity card with which the file can be opened.

Contact Tuire MIKOLA, Satakunta Macro Pilot
tel +358 2 620 4452
fax +358 2 620 4499
email tuire.mikola@makropilotti.fi
website www.makropilotti.fi

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