A modern Information Society

Kuusamo, as a remote municipality, has been a pioneer in developing the Information Society. Kuusamo airport shrunk the distance from Helsinki to one hour, thus allowing us to say that we are neighbours. Now, the data network together with fast connections has brought the whole world nearer to us.

As early as 1987 the goal was set: to bring Kuusamo into general awareness as a modern information society. This meant merging information technology with beautiful and inimitable nature and tourism; the region is one of the most famous holiday resorts in Finland. The Knowledge Centre at Naturpolis, has given Kuusamo its place on the map aalongside University Cities of Finland.

In the Finnish Pavillion, visitors can become acquainted with the communication infrastructure built in Kuusamo and its applications of Information Society services in telemedicine, multiform education, tourism, call centres and application developments.

We are facing the new challenges of the new millennium with open minds. The long term goal has been set: to develop Kuusamo into the regional centre for the whole north-eastern Finland for education, services and administration.

Contact Jouni VIINIKKA, Municipality of Kuusamo
tel +358 8 8501
fax +358 8 850 2100
email jouni.viinikka@kuusamo.fi
website www.naturpolis.fi

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