Nokia IPV6 over WDM demonstration

The evolution of the Internet calls for more capacity in terms of address space and bandwidth as well as added value features for quality of service, multicast, security and mobility. Always-on connectivity is a requirement for the future Mobile Information Society.

The key technology to respond to the evolution needs is IPv6. Optical technologies, seamlessly integrated with the Internet Protocol (IP) layer, will provide the increase in bandwidth. Advanced service and network management systems will help operators to manage these new network functions.

The Nokia IPv6 over WDM demonstration presents pilot implementations of key technologies:

  • Nokia IP650 routers extended with IPv6 and DiffServ capabilities as well as 2.5 Gbps optical interfaces
  • A WDM ring network prototype (8. 6 x 2.5 Gbps) providing interconnection between routers with flexible protection capabilities (1+1, 1:1, IP)
  • A service management system providing authentication and controlling the QoS of the IP services
Contact Reijo JUVONEN, Nokia Research Center
tel +358 9 4376 6557
fax +358 9 4376 6851
email reijo.juvonen@nokia.com
website www.nokia.com

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