Finnish citizen card and electronic identification

The Finnish Government aims to increase the effectiveness, functioning and service orientation of governance by issuing electronic identification cards to citizens. On all administrative levels, this should improve the openness and transparency of the administration and genuinely increase the ability of citizens to influence matters. The Government is developing solutions for electronic identification and digital signatures, as well as data security and data protection. The technology is based on public key infrastructure (PKI) and the use of smart cards. The infrastructure makes it possible to provide new kinds of services, public and private, without compromising privacy or security.

The Finnish Population Register Centre is the Certification authority, while the Helsinki Telephone Corporation provides the FINEID directory. The directory services issue the certificates to citizens and civil servants and distribute lists of obsolete certificates to network users and service providers. The certificate services, which are provided by ICL, make it possible to develop the services for electronic exchange of information for official purposes using the existing standardised national information system.

Contact Ari HĂ„KLI, Finnish Population Register Centre
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email ari.hakli@vrk.intermin.fi
website www.vaestorekisterikeskus.fi
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