Future Media Phone Concept

The CyPhone project is constructing a research environment to experiment with augmented reality user interface concepts for future media phones. The concept serves as a forerunner product platform for several potential value added services such as telepresence and annotation services.

The project is analysing the sources of real-time constraints on telepresence and augmented reality applications. It is focusing on adding aspects of mobility and augmented reality to real-time mobile telepresence, discussing the technology and depicting a potential future product concept called the CyPhone. The CyPhone is a compact combination of a digital stereo camera, a notepad computer and a cellular phone.

The research is being carried out at the Infotech Oulu Research Institute at the University of Oulu, and at the VTT Electronics division at the Technical Research Centre of Finland. The CyPhone project has brought together a number of well-known partners: Nokia Mobile Phones, Polar Electro Oy and Sonera Ltd. Tekes has co-funded the project. The CyPhone concept is being developed as part of Mobile Forum Oulu co-operation.

Contact Petri PULLI, University of Oulu
tel +358 8 553 1893
Fax +358 8 553 1890
email Petri.Pulli@oulu.fi

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