Visit the Virtual Helsinki

The ARENANET project is developing a three-dimensional Virtual Helsinki in Cyberspace. In Virtual Helsinki one can, among other things, walk in the streets, take a ride in a tram, visit a virtual museum or even go to the cinema.

On the stand there is a simulated bicycle ride through Virtual Helsinki. It is equipped with a 3D sound environment, screen projection and best of all: a real bicycle. The virtual bicycle tour offers visitors an exciting way to experience Virtual Helsinki.

Helsinki Telephone Corporation has initiated the Helsinki Arena 2000 consortium project in collaboration with the City of Helsinki. The project will culminate in the year 2000, a festive year for the City of Helsinki.

Contact Erkki Kauranen, Helsinki Telephone Corporation
tel +358 9 606 5097
email erkki.kauranen@hpy.fi
website www.arenanet.fi
website www.hpy.fi

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