Secure online multiple party transactions

European business is characterised by collaboration between companies and between government and the commercial sector. Yet in electronic commerce, complex multiple party transactions are not easily catered for. Indeed, most online transactions are still bilateral in nature.

The MULTIPLECX project aims to provide a framework for secure online commerce where multiple parties are involved in the transaction, be they individuals, businesses or government organisations. The project focuses on transactions that involve multiple suppliers in a value-chain delivering a total service to the customer. It also supports complex, secure interactions between government and business using the Internet. This makes possible the efficient provision of a wide range of state services to business and the citizen.

The project results have produced working Internet applications in three areas:

  • A management system for a distributed infrastructure that supports extended, secure, multiple party electronic commerce.
  • A distributed extended application for small to medium size software firms, enabling them to sell their products via a software depot.
  • A secure, distributed application to administer local government taxation of business.

Visitors to the MULTIPLECX stand see non-repudiatable transactions in a distributed environment (i.e. transactions combined with certification and authentication), CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) operating through corporate firewalls, rule-based access for distributed systems and a test-bed for CDSA (Common Data Security Architecture).

Contact Sandy JOHNSTONE, Hewlett-Packard Eur. Laboratories
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fax +44 117 312 9285
email sandy_johnstone@hp.com
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