Information kiosks benefit public and private bodies

Broadening the reach of information services is a common aim for public and private bodies. Efficiency drives are forcing greater concentration of resources. This raises questions about how public and private organisations can continue to ensure the widest possible access to information sources.

The MERCADO project deals with this need by developing kiosks with interactive information facilities. Information kiosks at local sites such as libraries and supermarkets provide convenient information sources. Commercially, such kiosks enable companies to reach a wider consumer base. Socially they have a particular benefit for the disabled, the elderly and the socially disadvantaged. Politically they help the citizen to take an active part in local democracy by giving better access to information and surveys.

The MERCADO browser acts as the embedding interface and mediator between a standard web browser and the kiosk-specific modules. A touch-screen interface allows users to request information, purchase goods and services and even load a smart card electronic purse.

The touch screen kiosk, on the MERCADO stand, allows visitors to make purchases and interrogate information provided by the various project partners, which include four European city administrations as well as several private companies.

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