Setting up your retail shop online

How do small and medium-sized retailing chains with long experience in selling from high street stores survive in a world of electronic commerce? They may wish to set up a virtual outlet or chain of virtual outlets on the web, but they may not know how to do so.

The INTERNET MEGASTORE project has developed a software package to help build virtual outlets or a line of virtual outlets for retailing companies. The Internet Megastore tool allows a business to create and manage online outlets, and link those outlets to their existing retail operations. Such virtual outlets can be online stores belonging to the same chain, or franchise operations. New and existing products can be put into the virtual store. The whole operation is set up to become a fully functional virtual shop with all necessary support for electronic commerce, and ready for browsing by customers.

The INTERNET MEGASTORE demonstration shows how a new virtual outlet is set up and integrated into conventional outlets. Visitors will see the evolution of the setup process, make changes to the store contents (adding and modifying products, categories, prices and management information), then navigate through the store to view the results. A simple tour through the online shopping centre will show the approaches possible. Applications in the furniture and grocery sectors are shown.

Contact Mario ROMÃO, SMD-Informatica, S.A
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