Secure system for high-speed electronic commerce

Providing a level of security that inspires consumer trust is one of the major challenges facing electronic commerce. Project JEDI-FIRE aims to address this challenge by developing a secure system for high-speed electronic commerce applications. This is being achieved within a flexible architecture that ensures inter-operation.

JEDI-FIRE security technology consists of a media-independent security engine that supports several encryption algorithms as well as key management services. The encryption core will support secure electronic commerce on the Internet and on broadband networks, as well as electronic payments, digital watermarking, digital signatures and reliable private communication between applications using strong encryption.

The project makes use of the Internet Content Application Service (ICAS) system, an integrated environment for developing and delivering multimedia content supported by secure high-performance networking. The ICAS system, combined with the copyright protection and security technologies developed within the JEDI-FIRE project, offers a distributed, highly controlled and versatile multimedia information system. The project results are likely to be highly attractive throughout sectors using multimedia for entertainment, education, training, business and management information, and customer service information and healthcare systems.

The demonstration allows visitors to view the Internet Content Application Service (ICAS), supported by the security and encryption features developed within the JEDI-FIRE project.

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