Multiple use kiosks

Interactive kiosks are commercially attractive for a wide range of commercial and public services. Special kiosks can be developed for a particular application but there is a need for general purpose kiosks that would suit a variety of uses. Such machines need to be configurable and flexible to cater for the complexity of the application as well as being adaptable to match the needs of the customer or enquirer. Such a kiosk has to cater for a choice of communication technologies and to offer good price-performance.

The HEROE project is developing a high performance scalable interactive kiosk that will allow companies and the general public, including the disabled, to exploit a wide variety of commerce, business and network applications and services. The project is designing an advanced multimedia device for electronic commerce in the business to consumer field, based on a low cost terminal plus various integrated peripherals and the necessary management software and user interface. The project is aiming at an extended set of kiosks functional capabilities and networking solutions, including high speed Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) over normal telephone lines, satellite access through a set top box and cable access. It will also be equipped with low speed Global System for Mobility (GSM) link and high quality video and video conferencing.

Initially, the most promising areas for interactive networked kiosks are retailing and banking. But other obvious sectors, where point of sale and point of information equipment could provide solutions, are tourism (museums, hotels, airports), property, advertising and the financial sector.

The versatility of the kiosk on the HEROE stand is demonstrated by showing an integrated version of three different commercial uses. To illustrate corporate presentations there is a multimedia presentation of a company. An electronic commerce example is a modular tour of results from a previous project. The third model covers the submission of job seekers applications to a human resources department.

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