Networking - changing the way companies co-operate

International networking between businesses is becoming essential to success in global markets. Companies need to be able to operate in a seamless manner across international boundaries. Such business networking can lead to the development of new partnerships and extended enterprises, where companies hire adaptive resources to achieve their goals. It can also lead to a realignment of core competencies.

Such changes will have a tremendous impact on how companies operate and structure themselves, and how people need to position themselves professionally. This is the focus of the GLOBEMAN21 project, which is developing business-networking principles both for large one-of-a-kind projects and for the manufacturing of standard products.

The project's methods are already in use among several of the project partners in a wide range of businesses, for example, pulp and paper equipment and services, communications cabling, shipbuilding, construction, software integration and optical components. Japanese and Australian business cases and other global co-operation experiences from the project have also been investigated.

Visitors to the stand are shown how companies can network, both internally and with other organisations, to provide their products and services to customers, anywhere and at any time. The exhibit illustrates the basic principles for implementing and managing collaborative networks and how international companies such as the GLOBEMAN21 partners are doing it today. On show are the Metis software tools that can be used to model a business network.

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