Let intelligent agents do your buying for you

The advantages of electronic commerce are encouraging firms to convert commercial practices into electronic form. Electronic transactions can help to speed up procurement and sometimes the supply of goods and services if they can be delivered over the Internet (as in the case of software, for example). Potentially the smallest of companies can market their product world wide, and could possibly offer more merchandise than would fit in one small location.

The CASBA project is developing an electronic marketplace framework using intelligent agent technology - devices that move around the Internet representing and acting on the behalf of their owners. The market framework automates the auction process and allows negotiation between the various agents. These agents differ from common retrieval and filtering agents; they are able to learn and can negotiate with other agents using intelligent strategies.

The first version of the CASBA infrastructure is focusing on three main tools - for Administration, Client and Negotiation. The Administration tool allows the user to examine customers, agents, markets and deals, and to add and remove markets or product categories. The Client tool enables customers to join in an electronic auction with intelligent agents bidding for them. The Negotiation Tool allows customers to specify all the dealing details such as personal preferences, product attributes and values, which enable the agent to act on their behalf.

The CASBA demonstration shows the first version of the infrastructure in action, including the administration, client and negotiation tools. Visitors to the stand can try the CASBA market service.

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