Online community building for older persons

Experience in the United States underlines that information technology can be used to radically improve the quality of life for senior citizens. Telematics networks, for example, open new avenues for communication and information exchange, thus reducing the isolation often felt by the older generation.

The SENIOR ONLINE project aims to include older persons or persons with disabilities into the modern Information Society. The objective is to increase their independence, mental activity and integration. The project has developed a multilingual (English, German, Italian and Swedish) web-based information and communication service for older Europeans. People can communicate with others, but the site and services also encourage them to contact experts, municipalities, carers and other groups. People may also discuss sensitive issues within restricted access areas.

The project is modifying and integrating existing technologies to satisfy the differing requirements of this age group. The services being tested are based on Internet and web standards, email, various groupware applications and audio-text technology.

The SENIOR ONLINE stand has live demonstrations of web-based interactive services for Europe's senior citizens. Visitors can test the basic service structure and features provided by various types of web-based groupware. For example they may send voice messages to online work areas or retrieve faxes; applications showing the potential of a messaging system that connects the Internet to the normal telephone.

Contact Margit LUTOWSKY, Public Voice Lab
tel +43 1 585 22 80
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email ml@pvl.at
website www.pvl.at

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