Greater independence for disabled

The ROLLtalk project gives the severely disabled an opportunity to lead a more independent life and to be better integrated within the community. ROLLtalk is a high-tech aid for people with speech difficulties and who are physically disabled.

ROLLtalk is a wheelchair-mounted system that integrates four main functions into one unit. These functions are communication, manoeuvring of a wheelchair, adjustment of the sitting position and control of the user's environment, such as opening doors, lights, TV, HI FI systems, etc. The system is ideal for those who cannot operate an electric wheelchair using the standard joystick as it provides wheelchair control via one or two switches, a touch screen, special joystick or other methods. Each system is tailored to the needs of the individual user, interfacing via the part of the body over which they have most control.

All functions are accessed through one user interface and presented by a colour display and voice feedback. The software is based on a standard Windows operating system. ROLLtalk is designed to help people with a wide variety of disabilities, including sufferers from occupational injuries, strokes and the mentally underdeveloped with additional physical problems.

The ROLLtalk stand shows how the severely disabled can improve their quality of life by using new technology, and the importance of the M3S European standard bus solution. In addition, a severely disabled person will demonstrate how to use the system.

Contact Terje MYHRE, IGEL Kompaniet AS
tel +47 67 978 730
fax +47 67 978 731
email post@igel.no
Website www.rolltalk.com

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