Tactile inkjet printers for blind persons

The invention of Braille, in the last century, dramatically improved access to information for visually impaired persons. The raised-point writing system offers blind readers access to literature and correspondence. However, office and home equipment manufacturers tend to ignore this community's needs; especially when it comes to access to graphical information, which is so important in the multimedia age.

Project PRINT has developed a tactile inkjet printer and a tactile fax software program. The new printer is quiet and simple to use and can print Braille, Moon (a system of embossed alphabetical signs for older, blind persons) and graphics in far better quality than previously possible. Users can also change the size and shape of their Braille output.

The printer is in the prototype stage and has been extensively tested over the last two years. The tactile printer is expected to become a commercial product in the near future. It adds material to the paper rather than embossing it. Other features include intelligent colour-to-relief conversion and a document analysis capability built into the TacFax program, enabling the blind to access complex, graphic-intensive faxes. They can thus integrate more easily into an office or school environment.

The tactile inkjet printer is in operation on the PRINT stand where visitors can also see automatic fax conversion using the tactile fax program.

Contact Max O. LANGE, Blista-Brailletec GmbH
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