Flexible public transport services to meet user demand

Many citizens find their mobility reduced because they lack access to transportation services at reasonable cost. The recognition of this by European Union member states has led to the development of the Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) concept, intended to meet public demand for additional transport.

The SIPTS project is developing a new low-cost and open-architecture DRT application. DRT involves flexible public transport services where routes, departure times, vehicles and even operators can be matched to specific demand. The target user sectors were identified as health, social care and the municipalities that manage public transport services.

The SIPTS concept includes solutions offered by a call centre, computer software to route the DRT orders and vehicles equipped with communication facilities. Communication between the dispatcher and vehicles is handled via short message signal (SMS) alert or fax connections, using a modified version of the Nokia Communicator 9110. These solutions are being tested in the cities of Jakobstad and Nykarleby and the municipalities of Pedersore and Larsmo in Finland. However the open architecture of the software and the simple communication components allow their adoption anywhere in Europe.

On the stand visitors can view a low-cost SIPTS system for transport on-demand services. The configuration includes the software, call centre concept and in-vehicle terminal.

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