Data mining in Europe's labour warrens

Employment markets in Europe are complex and ever changing. Although national governments are getting better at compiling figures, there are still significant differences between countries in terms of statistics available and data gathering methods.

The LAPIN project has developed a system to help all those involved in manipulating and interpreting labour statistics. The resulting system, an Internet software application, can be integrated with Oracle databases. It contains an archive of statistical labour forecast information, based on the requirements of businesses surveyed in each of the pilot areas. The system links to a database and is built using Java programming and Web technologies.

The project anticipates that system users will be civil administrations and various others involved in the labour market and training fields. These people can use the information to help solve a variety of labour market problems, or tailor training to meet the needs of business.

The LAPIN stand allows visitors access to the project's system on personal computers. They will see the statistical database incorporating employment figures for 1999, in addition to recruitment forecasts for the next two years. Also on display will be the supplement to this database; an archive of support information such as labour market legislation, best practice, case studies and expertise.

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