Better access to government data

Administrations hold vast quantities of information on every aspect of daily life. Accessing their data systems, however, challenges even the most experienced of people. Computer technology facilitates the task, but has failed to keep pace with growing demand for Europe-wide information retrieval.

In project EULEGIS nine countries are working to produce a trans-European information retrieval system. The resulting applications should smooth access to legal, regulatory and other official information from all levels of government, in countries within the European Economic Area. A related Finnish project is developing multilingual World Wide Web pages.

The tools will allow people to access all data repositories using a single query language and a common interface. Besides improving information exchange between European administrations, the system will enhance access and service levels for business and the public with clear efficiency and cost savings.

Guidance offered to people using the system will vary according to the individual's experience in querying legislative data sources. In addition to being multilingual and accessible to a variety of user groups, the interface allows for national differences in documents and processes.

The EULEGIS stand demonstrates the benefits of a single point of access to European legislative information. Technologies involved include the Internet and metadata describing the legal data sources and guiding the query process. Focusing on consumer protection, the demonstration shows how it is possible, without expert knowledge, to query databases in different countries.

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