Europe-wide inventory of Information Society projects

European data on Information Society projects and developments is being assembled by ESIS II. This project is an extension of the earlier programme launched in 1997 by the ISPO office of the European Commission. ESIS II focuses on the 25 countries and areas of Central, Eastern and Mediterranean Europe.

The core of ESIS is the Inventory of Information Society projects. The projects must use IS technologies in an innovative, interactive way and provide remote access. They may concern a large number of social and economic sectors, and can be initiated by national, regional, public and private organisations, or by partnerships set up between public and private groups.

The inventory is updated every three months and additional reports published. One of the main interests is to centralise, for a very large public, information that is presently often distributed across a wide region. Policy makers as well as private organisations will be able to compare their actions, projects and results with those in other countries.

ESIS II is a very useful tool for promoting knowledge, communication, partnership and even the Information Society itself. Its focus on the Central and Eastern European countries and Mediterranean nations means that it is a valuable instrument in the framework of the dialogue and co-operation developing between the European Union and these countries.

Visitors to the ESIS stand can see the overall structure of the project, consisting of the reports submitted by the contractors and the inventory of Information Society projects, promotional activities, key contacts and organisations. In addition, an analysis of regulatory developments and basic facts is presented. The inventory is entered into the database using a dedicated search engine, which is also demonstrated.

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