Online environmental information for three cities

Cities expand and change and planners need to be sure they have the latest environmental information. Citizens too may want the same data, in order to participate in decision-making or keep abreast of local environmental issues. Modern computers and powerful databases have made it easier to provide access to such information.

THE CITY project is enabling organisations and individuals in three European cities to access environmental information on their locale. People living in Munich, Antwerp and Athens can access, via the Internet, the geographical information systems (GIS). The project's databases and associated technologies are designed to allow users to create their own GIS databases for web usage.

The service enhances public and political information on the environment. The tools developed could also be commercialised, especially the Internet GIS software.

Visitors to THE CITY stand may examine the Internet Map Server toolkit. The toolkit features three applications; one for each of the cities involved in the project trials.

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