Room layouts by HPCN based Virtual Reality

Anyone wishing to plan the layout of rooms can often benefit from viewing realistic computer-based pictures of the proposed room layout. Sales personnel can also use pictures as a sales aid for their company's goods or services.

The MOB3D project is developing a computer-aided design (CAD) software product called Agemob that offers virtual reality designs of room layouts via a user-friendly interface. The CAD system allows sales representatives to display virtual reality room layouts to clients. The system uses a local computer that is connected via the Internet or a private network to a remote central computer.

The product is available in two versions (one for public and one for professional use), and uses High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN) to generate the images. The system is capable of reducing the calculation time by a factor of five to ten, compared to other systems; the goal being to obtain a calculation time lower than one minute for standard projects, a time that is commercially acceptable to sales people and other potential users. The system is modular, which makes it possible to adapt the product through a choice of hardware (such as the type and number of computers or the number of processors, etc.) to the needs of each customer.

The Agemob CAD design system is in operation on the MOB3D stand. There is a connection to a remote computer and the demonstration is an interior design project for a personal room.

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