High-performance 3D rendering service

An electronic commerce based rendering service called HiPEC that improves three-dimensional (3D) modelling tools has been developed by the HIPEC project. It enables personal computer (PC) and workstation users to incorporate high performance visualisation systems into their application via an Internet connection to HiPEC. This allows them to produce complex photo-realistic pictures or high quality animated pictures.

HIPEC can render realistic 3D pictures of a product, or apartment furnishings or a complete house within a short time frame. Architects can use the service to create animated pictures of living areas for their clients. Designers can use the service to put their ideas into the right perspective from all directions. Production planning and configuration benefits from a high quality graphic realistic representation of a product.

The HIPEC service can be integrated into the sales process. Sales staff in a furniture showroom can, for example, present their customers with animated pictures of a new living room with a visual quality that supports the selling process. Using the service, the time needed for picture generation is reduced to a few minutes.

Visitors to the stand can configure 3D models of a bathroom using a planning system running on a PC. The modelled scene is sent via the Internet to a high-performance computer that undertakes the high quality rendering of the scene. The photo realistic image of the scene is sent back to the PC.

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