Co-operative working technologies made easier

Co-operative working technologies have improved over the last few years, but are often too complex to be used by all. Three-dimensional (3D) technologies for example are used in computer-aided design (CAD) systems, but require skilled engineers to make use of them.

The CAVALCADE project is solving this problem by developing virtual prototyping technologies that are easier for all to use. The project has produced a software system that allows several users to work at the same time on the same virtual mock-up. The system provides a desktop Virtual Reality (VR) interface with speech and gesture recognition. This allows people to use voice commands. In addition, teleconferencing facilities to support collaborative sessions between distant sites are integrated into the software.

Virtual prototyping allows designers to test and improve their work earlier and provides opportunities for multiple site co-operations. The project expects to make a significant commercial impact in the industrial sector, because there are few solutions available that allow the non-expert users to construct and visualise 3D models.

Teleconferencing technologies are in action on the CAVALCADE STAND and include VR, speech recognition, and collaborative working.

Contact Jérôme DUCHON, CS Systèmes d'Information
tel +33 5 61 176 666
fax +33 5 61 348 415
email Jerome.Duchon@cisi.fr
Website www.cisi.fr/cavalcade

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